Voice Disorder Treatment in East Delhi

The issues related to the pitch loudness and quality of the voice come under the voice disorder category. The issues can come due to vocal cord palsy, excessive screaming and shouting, spasmodic dysphonia, laryngeal cancer, vocal nodule, and a polyp. The males who have a voice resembling a female voice and females who develop the male type of voice can also get the complete treatment.

The treatment is provided is in the clinic and the duration of the treatment depends on the degrees of the problem. The sessions are conducted in the privacy of the clinic. The client in any age group can come and get the therapy from the highly experienced therapist. Since the voice disorder is not a medical problem the voice disorder treatment in Delhi does not involve medical treatment or surgical procedures. The voice is improved though the nonsurgical treatment or techniques by the therapist. The therapy also involves attention to the breathing patterns vocal hygiene and gender related non verbal communication.

The experience of the therapist helps the client to get the highly customized therapy that effectively treats the problems. The duration of the session can last from 30 minutes to an hour. For an effective voice disorder treatment in east Delhi it is necessary to know the cause of the voice disorder. The voice therapy can be an effective treatment for a lot of voice disorders. With the help of the voice disorder the underlying causes of the voice disorder are treated.

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Voice Disorder Treatment In East Delhi

Dr. Murli Singh

The voice therapy can be combined with other methods of treatment namely medical and surgical methods. The therapy also helps the patients reduce the harmful voice habits through proper voice techniques. The patient suffering from vocal fold scarring can prevent further harm by taking the voice disorder therapy. The harmful voice habits are also removed through the application of voice techniques. The sessions are conducted in relaxation ambiance by the experienced doctor. The experienced therapist ensures that patient is in a relaxed mood and is able to give complete information to the doctor on the voice disorders.