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Mis-articulation is not a physical problem or disorder it is like stammering a bad habit which can be cured with the right speech therapy. A misarticulation problem means that an adult is not able to clearly pronounce the words syllables and words. The problem is also characterized by omissions distortions the addition of phonemes or use of substitutions. The articulation problem in adult gives a childlike sound to the speech. It may sound good in childhood, but can be a serious communication issue for an adult’s life.

The problem occurs in children may be due to weak muscles lack of control over the tongue immaturity in speech or also lack of control over the respiratory system. A general speech delay, hearing impairment, mental retardation acquired brain injury and the certain type of disabilities may all lead to articulation disorder in adults. The therapy from the Misarticulation Therapy Center in East Delhi must be taken as soon as the person is feeling the lack of clarity in the speech or words which he or she intends to say. The problem can take a serious turn when lack of articulation starts affecting the day to day communication level of the person. It can further hamper the professional life of the person and restricts the professional growth.

The speech therapist provides the comprehensive therapy to tackle the problem and begins the issue under control. The therapist in the Misarticulation therapy center in Delhi conducts the personal sessions to help the client to control over the organs of speech through a series of exercises. The exercises positively affect jaw, lips, teeth, tongue, cheeks, palate and voice box. The client is also ready to read slowly from a book with proper articulation. The daily sessions are personally conducted by the therapist to put the client on the path of correct articulation.

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The words syllabus and vowels and consonants that are generally mis articulated are spelled in such way that the client can articulate every sound present in them to gain control over them and speak correctly. The services of the speech therapist can be taken at any age to overcome the problem.