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Any child who is unable to utter a word in the first 18 months is suffering from delayed speech and language acquisition problem. Some kids may utter the first word by the first 18 months but after then the language acquisition progress fails to keep pace with age. The delay in the language acquisition may be due to several reasons. The reason may range from hearing impairment to mental retardation to cerebral palsy to autism etc.

A child who shows normal speech progress for some time after birth may regress after a certain age. The parents of such kids must immediately contact the Best Delayed Speech Therapy Center in East Delhi which experienced speech therapist for speech therapy for a lasting solution. The other causes of the delayed speech may range from Oral motor problem, chronic hearing infection, to short frenulum which restricts the tongue movement leading to speech problems and palate issues.

Parents should note that a baby that is not responding to the sound must be taken to the speech therapist. There are some signs parents should note in a child to understand the delayed speech onset. The signs range from the child of 12 months of age not using gestures such as a bye-bye or pointing towards some things by the 18 months prefers gestures over vocalization by 2 years the kid has trouble imitating sounds or speech and does not generate word or phrases spontaneously and is not able to follow the simple directions.

The Best Delayed Speech Therapy Center in Delhi will evaluate the problem of the child in the context of the total development. The speech therapist will also try to analyze the communication method of the child by other means such as by gesturing, pointing, head shaking, etc. And will also check oral-motor status of the child. The speech therapist will develop the language skills of the child gradually. The parents will also be asked to help the child at home by communicating with the kid as much as possible. The vital part of the whole therapy is that the parents should recognize the early signs mentioned above and consult the speech therapist.

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